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Il y a quelques temps déjà, nous avons reçus ce mail du vice-président de l’organisation des 4 coins des U.S.A., association dont nous nous sommes inspirés pour créer l’E.M.T.A. et ses challenges.

Cela est arrivé très rapidement, après qu’il ait encore animé diverses balades pour des motards. C’est à l’occasion d’un check de santé que Blake a réellement pris conscience de son état. Il est décédé en quelques semaines.

Nous pensons à sa femme, et lui faisons part de profondes et sincères condoléances.


Blake et sa femme, quelques temps avant son décès.

Blake et sa femme, quelques temps avant le décès de Blake.

Dear SCMA Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I report some extremely bad news. After the Three Flags
Classic in Harrison Hot Springs, Blake Anderson and his wife Giovanna, headed over to
Victoria, B.C. to scope out hotels for the 2015 Three Flags Classic. Upon returning home
to Southern California Blake wasn’t feeling well and ultimately went to the hospital on
September 26. He has been there ever since, but may be going home in the next few days
for care. Blake discovered he is in advanced stages of cancer. While doctors don’t know
the location of its origin, it has spread to his spine and lung. We may lose our friend in a
relatively short period of time. I’m told his condition is untreatable.

I met with Blake this afternoon and he is on pain medication and resting comfortably. He
is lucid, communicative, emotional and handling the situation with the resolve the likes of
one strong human being. He has a great deal of family support which is helping he and
Giovanna cope with difficult circumstances.

There is something I would request of each of you to remind Blake of the support and love
he has from the motorcycling community. Would you please send a picture of yourself
(identifiable), and possibly your motorcycle on a recent trip or taken just for this
occasion. Would you then write something on the back of the picture and mail it to Blake
at his home address listed below. Time is of the essence, so I hope you’ll take the time to
do it right away. I’ve shared this idea with Giovanna and she thinks this will be of immense
importance to Blake. Blake has been a tremendous asset to the SCMA, a great ambassador
for the riding community, and a dear friend.

Blake Anderson
2318 Bonnie Brae
Santa Ana, CA 92706

Thank you all for your sincere support and feel free to contact me should you need any
further information.


Steven Shulman
Vice Chair, SCMA



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