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Rules of Procedure on 12/18/2011

1. General:

These rules apply to all members of the EMTA wishing to carry out one of the courses offered to them. They commit to respect it.

Authorized vehicles are motorized two-wheelers with engine capacity greater than or equal to 125 cm3. Sidecars and Trikes are considered vehicles that can participate, and will not be referenced specifically in the rules. No other type of vehicle will be accepted.

2. Principle of « 4 Corners Tour »:

E.M.T.A. offers its members different « sport » paths to achieve through the steps imposed, either in Europe or in one of the countries that compose it.

The idea is to go to the steps imposed that define the path, respecting the rules of the road, within a specified time.

The order of the steps is the decision of « Member Participant Driver. »

The entire course must be stated on the vehicle (excluding ferry crossings authorized by EMTA depending on the journey)

The maximum completion of the course shall not exceed:
– 21 days for the European course,
– 5 to 11 days for a journey inside one of the European countries.

It should be noted that:

– More steps than those proposed by EMTA will not be accepted, and therefore, the course can not be validated,
– A « Member Participant Driver » is bound by any commitment whatsoever with respect to EMTA, to finish his career,
– A « Member Pilot Participant » may, during a calendar year, to try and make one or more stages
– A path ends when the last stage is reached, without returning to the starting point,

3. Commitment « Member Pilot Participant »:

Each « Member Participant Driver » is personally responsible and solely responsible for his actions and behavior, including compliance of the vehicle and its registration documents and insurance, its management and the hazards of this, of participation in any activity or association events or trips initiated by its members, and generally of any event that any of her during the life of the association. Consequently, and by the mere fact of membership in the association, each « Member Driver » or each « Member Pilot Participant » refrain and expressly disclaims any action for damages against the association for any reason whatsoever .

4. Conditions for obtaining permission to perform the route:

For a « Member Pilot » is authorized by EMTA his journey to try and be validated, where appropriate, by EMTA, each « Member Pilot » must have a record before his departure, which mainly include the following documents:

– A technical certificate of the vehicle indicating the status of the following:
o tires
o front and rear lights
o Exhaust
o brake pads front and rear
o and more generally the condition of a vehicle

This certificate will be dated and signed by the mechanic specializing in two-wheel motorized chosen by the « Member Participant Driver. » The potential cost of this certificate is the responsibility of the « Member Participant Driver. »

– A copy of Green Card insurance of the vehicle used to carry out the course, dates covering the period from completion of the course,
– A copy of the logbook of the vehicle used to make the journey (the name of « Member Pilot Participant » must appear on the card, unless the two motorized wheels is rented)
– A two-sided copy of driver’s license « Member Participant Pilot »
– An administrative document provided by EMTA, supplemented by the « Member Participant Pilot »
– A copy of the charter approved, signed and dated by the « Pilot Member Participant »
– Pay a fee determined by the Bureau. This right being paid only once, regardless of the number of journeys made or undertaken in the calendar year in question.

This fee will be refunded if, within the calendar year following the receipt of the decision of acceptance by EMTA, you decide not to complete the course, regardless of their motive. E.M.T.A. You will be asked to return the file transfer and refund within 25 days of receipt of the file only if it proves to be full and empty.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted by EMTA, and the course will be neither started, much less approved by EMTA

The file is validated by EMTA, the « Member Pilot » will receive a folder « Member Participant Driver » containing:

– 4 stamped envelopes, addressed EMTA is filled,
– A document indicating the steps expected for the course,
– A map of each step
– The coordinates of the association and a phone number in case of special concern (this number is not that of an insurance company, but that of a member of the association)
– A map of « Member Participant Driver » of EMTA valid for one calendar year.
– Instructions for specific items to address each step and indicate on the card in step

A receipt of the record and the « Pilot Member Participant » has a period of one calendar year to start his career, and achieve in the allotted time.

5. Operations to be performed to prove the transition to each stage:

While passing through a stage of the journey, the « Member Participant Driver » must be mailed in an envelope provided by EMTA, the following:

– The receipt for payment of a full tank of gas stations of the stage concerned, on which the « Member Pilot Participant » indicate the mileage of his motorcycle at the time of filling and the registration of its vehicle. On this ticket will appear absolutely the name of the gas station, and the current date. If it happens that no gas station was open that day, the « Pilot Member Participant » may provide a ticket petrol station closest to that step.

– The photo of the vehicle, « Member Participant Driver » and the passenger, if any, should be done at an establishment or a monument to the stage on which the name of this step is very readable (Memorial, Town Hall etc.).. The photo can be taken before the panel entry or exit of the city.

– Find a specific elements of the stage, which will be shown on the map provided by EMTA

The envelope and its contents will be mailed to the stage concerned. The photo of the stage should be sent either by post, by email or SMS to EMTA within three days after the end of the course, ie three days after the date of the postmark on the envelope sent last.

6. Results of the journeys made:

A « Member Participant Driver » will be considered « finisher » if it arrives within the time specified, the last step of the way he has chosen initially.
The starting date will be considered for the route indicated on the envelope sent first (the postmark as proof). The arrival of the course will be indicated on the last envelope sent (the postmark as proof). No exceptions will be considered. If you get the final day of your trip, make sure you can go to the nearest station to properly validate your submission.

Only the « validation committee » of E.M.T.A. is able to validate a course at the sight of documents and answers provided by the « Member Participant Driver. » The committee’s decision is final validation.

The results of the « finishers » will be posted on the website of EMTA as and when they arrive.

No reward or expense of any nature whatsoever shall be payable by EMTA participants and « finishers. » This is not a competition, but to have a mind tourism « sport ».

By nature wanting friendly E.M.T.A. organize each year during the month of March for a meal « Members Drivers. » The « finishers » of the previous calendar year and only they will be invited by EMTA. Other « Member Pilots » will of course participate.

The exact date and location will be indicated on the EMTA Forum later than three months ahead of schedule, ie in the month of December of the year. The place is deemed to change every year, and EMTA take into account the geographical origins of the « finishers » to set it.

7. Changing the rules

No modification of the rules will be permitted without the agreement of the office of the association.

  In Lyon on 12/18/2011

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